The Conversation Around the Story

Dave Slusher, someone I met all too briefly at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo, has an interesting comment on the whole Ze Frank / Rocketboom story, which has evolved into some kind of broader discussion on the state of videoblogging / internet TV.

He says that the reason he’s all done with Ze Frank (and by the way, I still love The Show and the overall flow of the commentary) is that the show isn’t useful. By useful, Dave comments about the RSS feed not being formatted in a useful way, the fact that the show lacks adequate show notes, and that the name itself isn’t all that distinctive. There’s lots more to read about in that regard, and I recommend you read it on Dave’s site.

So, Dave covers usefulness and Robert mentions engagement. My contribution was just that now’s not the time to tear it up and that we should be working together. Jeneane Sessum says I’m wrong, and she might be right.

But boy, isn’t the conversation great? Does this happen in mainstream TV right now? I’m not sure. I love that we’re in a position within the internet TV videoblogging world to have thoughtful conversations about the medium, the stars, and the usefulness of their products.

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