The Different Ways I Communicate

The Ways I Communicate

Sometimes, I go on Twitter to share information. I push some of it through my @chrisbrogan account. I have a more “pure” feed at @broganmedia.

Other times, I go on Twitter to connect with people and build/strengthen relationships. I go on there to read what they’re saying. I spend a little time “showing up,” because in business, just showing up is important.

Part of what I do on Twitter – maybe most of what I do on Twitter – is work-related. Even if I’m chit-chatting, it’s because that’s part of my job, part of my role as someone in the space. This is the important thing to think about.

I’m not there because I’m taking a break. I’m not there because I’m bored. I’m not there because I’ve got some extra time for a phone call or to check out your video. It’s still part of my job.

Now, I’m not complaining when I say this. I’m explaining. I’m telling you that what I’m doing looks quite often like it’s leisurely. But it’s not. And there’s a lesson/opportunity in explaining all this.

Business isn’t always about the sale. Business isn’t always (is it ever?) a straight line. Business is sometimes a conversation long before I need the sale. Business is sometimes just connecting to stay on the human side of the fence.

And leisure isn’t always how we use these tools.

A Request

Here’s something new that happens:

  1. You email me.
  2. You then tweet me to tell me you emailed me.

Doing this right after emailing me just eats up more cycles of my time. My inbox happens to increment just fine. No need to tweet or use other communications channels to underscore your contact with me.

Acceptable: a few days after you sent it, if I’ve not yet replied, then you can check via any channel you want.

Not as acceptable: the double-tap.

Your Take

How do you see it? How are you using these communications channels? What’s working or not for you?

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