The E Word

Going Loopy I’ve not yet grown comfortable with the term “entrepreneur” when describing myself. It doesn’t fit. It feels like someone else’s clothes. I think of entrepreneurs and I think of Guy Kawasaki, or Jeff Bezos, or Tony Hsieh (at least in the tech space). The dictionary says an entrepreneur is “someone who organizes a business venture and assumes the risk for it.” Well, okay. That’s me.

But I’ve yet to really ever call myself that.

Starting with the October issue, I’m going to write a regular column for Entrepreneur Magazine for Amy Cosper. Even with that, I still don’t feel the title making sense. I’m just excited to write for Amy’s magazine.

I also don’t consider Human Business Works to be a “startup,” just in the same way that I didn’t consider New Marketing Labs to be a startup. They’re just companies. NML was funded by CrossTech Group, but it was more like a conversation between Stephen Saber, Nick Saber, and myself. I said what I wanted to do. They nodded. I did what I said.

Human Business Works is funded out of my pocket. I don’t feel like I’m “bootstrapping a startup.” I’m just paying for things I need to build and launch a business.

I don’t feel like an entrepreneur, and not at all like a …gasp… serial entrepreneur.

I build human businesses. I’m planning to help a whole lot of folks do something during this down economy. My goals for building business are as simple as nudging a few friends in the right direction, and as complex as redefining how new media meets the new marketplace.

Call me whatever you want, I guess. I’ll just be working on things.

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