The F Word

f People are fun. The very reason to write a five word blog post is to see what comes back. You certainly all had opinions. Did you see Being There? You should.

Facebook is a sometimes useful part of some people’s and some company’s social media presence efforts, and can be very effective in building business relationships and providing a useful outpost where people might connect. It functions reasonably well. There are many useful ways to use it to create meaningful relationships.

I’ve said it before. You don’t have to touch every conversation. You can choose where you build a presence.

I opt not to use a Facebook fan page. I think a page about me is silly and somewhat redundant and pompous.

I never wrote that Facebook fan pages were bad. I never wrote that you shouldn’t have one. I never wrote anything. Several of you supplied your own opinion justifying why YOU had one. Good on you.

This isn’t a joiner’s club, friends. This is business (or community, or whatever you want it to be). If you’re in the “you’re only cool if you’re using all the hottest toys” camp, bless you. Have a ball with that. I’m in the business camp. And a fan page doesn’t enhance my business, my relationships, or anything else I do with my time.

Your mileage may/will/should vary.

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