The Family Balance

Violette Gets a Portrait Done

I founded Dadomatic a year or so ago, because I wanted a place for dads to be able to talk about parenting. It’s run mostly by Jeff Sass and Doriano “Paisano” Carta, but I still drop in there to write and contribute, as it’s a project that means a lot to me. One thing I want to talk about is the family balance.

The other day, a friend of mine sent me an unfair letter. That was the title. He said that I should reconsider pushing the “work hard through the holidays” message when family matters a great deal and people should be absorbing as much family time as possible. It’s really hard to argue with that message, naturally.

But that’s just it. I don’t disagree.

The Family Balance

On the day I wrote this, my little boy climbed into bed with me in the morning and we read (in exhausting detail) about every Lego minifigure that ever existed via a Christmas present. We named every single one on every single page. Then, my daughter crawled into bed and we read the journal of her Monster High doll, Deuce Gorgon. It’s the journal of a misunderstood 16-year-old monster (his mom is Medusa). And then I got ready for work, kissed everyone, and headed out to work.

I came back home around 1PM and spent some time shooting Nerf darts with my daughter, and then playing a few games with my son, while Kat went shopping for some things she needs for a trip. My job is like that. I can modularize. I work 3 parking lots away from my house right now. I’m not the primary caregiver, but I’m three minutes away by foot.

I don’t write much about being a dad here on []. It’s not the purpose of this site. I do write about it at Dadomatic, and you don’t have to twist my arm to get me to brag on my kids at conferences. But just because I don’t show you that side doesn’t mean that it’s not very important to me and the way I conduct my business.

More than ever, I’m more home, more connected, and more a part of my family’s life than any time ever before in my existence. AND I work the holidays.

Kitchen Table Companies

Joe Sorge and I are launching Kitchen Table Companies, a community for small business and entrepreneur types, on January 4th. It’s been an idea of mine for almost a year. Why? Because I want to run businesses that can operate from a kitchen table, or that get talked about around the kitchen table, and that get me home in time for dinner. That’s the goal. I want more families to have contact and connection to their family on their own time. That’s why we do WorkShifting with Citrix Online. I believe in the mobile and distributed workforce. I believe that the future lies in giving people back choices like the ones I executed above.

What do you believe?


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