The Graffiti of Your Soul


This picture is reasonably beautiful street art. I like it because the artist put some time and effort into it. Sure, it’s just a tag, but it’s also something that you know she or he worked to design and perfect. Several notebook pages went into making this look just right before the Krylon hit the cinder blocks.

Pac Man's Enemies are Thinking Graffiti is often overlooked, and in that sense, it’s kind of like blogging. A great big chunk of society looks at blogging almost the same way many look at graffiti: oh, that’s that thing some people do. It’s all about themselves. It’s all just a bunch of chatter. It’s not important.

For many people (not you), blogging isn’t all that interesting and definitely not that important. I’ve conducted interviews with many people who put air quotes up when they say “bloggers.” Their eyes roll. Imagine being a street artist, and I imagine that goes up a thousand fold, because at least most blogging isn’t illegal (sorry Iran; sorry China).

What Is the Graffiti of Your Soul?

What are you pouring into your blogging? Even if it’s for work, what are you doing there that is meaningful, but that might get overlooked? How are you contributing to the art form, or are you? I’m curious to know about that.

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