The Importance of Seeds

seeds When looking at content marketing projects like Digital Nomads, if you get there early, it’s going to look like a bunch of posts by people at Dell. But that’s okay. It’s Dell’s project, and they hope that it grows into something that others will find valuable and build around. They’re planting seeds.

All content projects grow that way. The people who create the project (or those who eventually own the project) must start somewhere with putting something there. Otherwise, it looks horribly empty and barren. If you visit a farm, you don’t want to see a big stretch of brown soil. You want to see lush patches of greenery, promising the harvest that will come next. The same is true of a platform built for content and conversations.

When starting Project Dogfood, I set up several conversation threads, and started the first questions in all of them. I wrote three different topics for each thread, with the hope that people would join up, get involved, and have a conversation. And it worked.

Right now, the project is still heavily tended and seeded by me as community manager. But over time, some of those seeds will take root, will grow, and will become whole, rich crops of delicious information for us to tend, harvest, and celebrate.

Building something from content requires seeds.

What are you doing to help?

Photo credit, starmist1

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