The iPad Really Is Hot

The iPad is Powerful I did two back-to-back tests. Week 1 with my iPad, I tried using it as my sole computer on the road. Week 2, I left it home. Far from a good scientific test, what I proved was this: I really missed my iPad. (I’ve written about the good and bad about the iPad here.

What I found that I missed the most weren’t earth-toppling productivity fixes. I didn’t miss having another kind of browser. I missed the flexibility, I missed the simplicity, I missed the single-tasking, and I missed the interface.

I love Apple’s book application. It’s much nicer than my Kindle, and I’ve only touched a Nook once, but it blows that away, too. So, I missed that (though I’d like to see MY books on the iPad – Wiley?).

What will it do for you?

I think Chuck Hollis said it best in his post. It’s quite an all around utility player at home.

Outside of the home, the iPad is just making for a much easier environment. I’m using it to write my new book with Julien. NOTE: if you’re going to use it for a lot of typing, don’t do it without the iPad keyboard dock (amazon affiliate link). Other folks use the Apple Wireless Keyboard, but I like the dock backplane.)

Do you need it? No. Will you start to see the uses for it almost immediately? Absolutely.

Oh, and I’ve loaded mine up with podcasts like TEDTalks and other good educational materials, so when my eyes get tired from reading, I switch to TED.

Is it for everyone? I’m not thinking so. But for me, it’s part of the team. I’m a big fan of the iPad.

(I use the wifi one with a Mifi card. I like that option much more than the built-in 3G because I can switch carriers. I knew you’d ask.)

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