The Next Big Deal


You may or may not know that I’m pushing my Google+ for Business book. One reason is that THIS WEEK is the big push, and that’s a marketing method. The other reason is that I think that picking up the Google+ knowledge now, in the turn of the year, will help you as a business person.

But now I want to talk to you authors out there, especially the aspiring authors.

Writing and Publishing a Book is Tricky

The story of my Google+ book deal is every bit as unique as the story of my Trust Agents book deal. And I know that many aspiring authors have questions about how to get published by the mainstream, as well as questions about whether or not it even matters to publish with the mainstream these days. I have opinions on this.

You also might want to know how one can write a book while running two companies and maintaining a very busy travel schedule, having two kids around (at least some days every week), and doing all the other things I’m doing. What goes into the practice of writing to get the work done? I can help.

Finally, you might want to know about my marketing methods. How do I sell books without trying to seem like a jerkbag? This is a really tricky part, because many people have written amazing books and then sold very few of them due to poor marketing. I most definitely have some ideas on how to make this work for you.

I Want to Make You An Offer

For all aspiring or published authors who want to receive my 3-part webinar video series on How to Write and Publish a Book, which I will be SELLING later for either $47 or $97, I will make a deal with you that you can get it for as little as $9.99 USD.

BUY A COPY OF GOOGLE+ FOR BUSINESS, show me the receipt (screen capture is fine), and I will give you the 3 part video series for FREE!

Yep. I’ll give you my new web video program talking you through book deals, publishing, the work of writing, and how I marketed my own books, for free, if you simply buy a copy of my Google+ for Business Book.

Offer Ends VERY SOON

The thing is, you have to buy before 10pm ET on Saturday the 31st of December, and I’d prefer you buy from one of the 3 sources listed here.

But, if you do that, and email a copy (or screenshot) of the receipt to (note: not COM, it’s CO), before 10PM ET on Saturday (that’s GMT-5), you’re in.


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