The Opportunity for Business

I read a phrase in some article (I forget where) that said that sharing (social sharing) is something that brings a measurable uptick in the opportunity for business. As people are often scrambling to understand the “ROI” of using social networks and social media, that might well make for a decent start to the conceptual math required to talk about it.

A “share” is the opportunity for business.

With Great Sharing

Think about this, though. If someone pluses or likes or retweets or otherwise shares your information or ideas via some social channel, there’s quite a lot more that has to happen to make that sharing function a true “opportunity for business.” If you subscribe to some tweet network that employs robots to retweet your information, do you really believe that the 100 or 1000 or 100000 retweets you’ve bought will translate to a trustworthy passing forward of that information?

Further, even if the information you share is passed on by a trustworthy source, when the next people to receive that sharing signal visit that information and find it to be a pure advertisement of your business, do you think that will compel the secondary source? Thus, perhaps that share is wasted, as well.

The Appearance of Activity and Busy-ness

A lot of what we do in social networks certainly seems busy and active. We tweet. We share. We pass on articles (sometimes because we’ve been asked/begged/pleaded with to share them). We skim a lot. We glance over a post or concept and pass it on without adding much except for that valuable pass-through.

Agencies and other organizations quite often pat their clients on the back and say, “Wow! Look at that! Your article got 1000 retweets and 2900 likes!” The company owner then smiles politely back and asks, “And that gives me….”

We can surely look very busy, doing all this social media work. But that’s not the real work.

The real work is earning a valuable share from a trusted resource to a network of thoughtful and potentially like-minded individuals.

Seek those opportunities for business, and not the blind retweets and busy-ness that can otherwise glitter just as brightly.

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