The Power of Good Coverage

Lifehacker Features a Post The other day, Lifehacker was kind enough to feature a post I wrote about how to make meetings go better. It was quite a lovely bump in traffic and I was grateful. It made me realize that I haven’t submitted any guest posts to the “big guys” lately, and that it would probably really benefit me if I could land a post with a link or two in it on some of the sites out there with much more traffic than me. Good coverage is pretty golden, it turns out.

The trick, however, and this is the most important part that I want to share, is this: I didn’t submit my story to Lifehacker. Someone just picked it up. They liked it. They went with it. It was a topic that fit their interests. That’s a great way to get it done. And it doesn’t happen all the time. But I’d much rather my posts be “found” than to be “that guy” who submits them all over the place hoping someone picks it up and runs with it. But that might just be me.

Given the choice of slogging my stories around for more coverage or writing guest posts, I’d go with guest posts.

You? What’s your experience been like?

Guest posts work great for traffic

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