The Story of You

Emiel van den Boomen

You’ve told the story of you a million times, or so you think. You’re sure that anyone who stumbles into your web presence will know who you are, and will know the storyline up until that point. You sometimes feel so sick of telling the story of you, because you’ve done it so much.

Except we haven’t heard it. Someone new has come to your site and hasn’t the first clue who you are, what you represent, what matters to you, and what they should expect from spending time with you.

How Others Do It

In sitcoms, there are little moments that let the characters reinforce who they are. Kramer would smash through Jerry’s door with a hare-brained idea every episode. George would prove that he just wasn’t the most giving person in the world. It happened every week, so that we, the dumb audience who might have just tuned in for the first time, would get the picture pretty quickly who we were dealing with.

Your blog is an opportunity to tell the story of you, and the best storytellers are the ones that get you thinking about yourself when you read their story. When they talk about growing up in a town where they felt that people didn’t get them, you remember growing up in a place where people maybe didn’t understand you, either. But you’ll never feel that connection, unless you remember to retell the story of you, often.

Variations on a Theme

The best way to retell the story of you is to vary up how you do it. Sometimes, the story of you can be about that time you were looking for work, and what you did to stand out from the crowd (and this information should hopefully help your audience). Other times, you might want to tell about something that went wrong for you and how you handled it (so that people understand your character). Tell different stories about the world around you, and use your own unique lens to get them back to understanding that you’re helping them understand themselves.

The Story of You Needs Repeating

People who read this blog in 2004 learned alongside me on my quest for better fitness. People in 2006 heard my enthusiasm for new media. In 2007, I wrote a lot about community. Now, I’ve written a lot in the last month about the future, but haven’t really talked about my ideas on how we can best use these tools to build quality content, community, and marketplace solutions. I’m not retelling the story of me very well, and thus, I’m not serving you very well.

We all need refresher courses. You could write your blog anew by retelling the story of you. People want to know about you. You’re important and what you’ve learned will help others learn about themselves.

Could you tell me a bit more about you?

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