The Threads of My Day

Day in the Yellow Place From the outside, it probably looks like I sit around and tweet all day. Yes, I am quite prolific there. What you might not see as clearly is the business I’m doing. It’s mixed in there, you know. It’s part of my methods of doing human business. Let me walk you through how I do what I do in a given day. Note: this is how *I* do business. It’s not how you should/could/have to do business. It’s a method I’m using to bring business.

First: Explaining My Business

I have 3 main things on the go right now: New Marketing Labs, my digital marketing consulting company, I have [] (and the rest of my media properties), and I have a new business that I won’t name until I launch the website.

So: Marketing / Media / Education

Let’s talk just about the media one, and I’ll let you know how other parts fall into the other buckets as they come about.

What My Media Business Does

Well, all media businesses hope to inform and equip and entertain their audience/community (I shoot for community). Part of that is production and part of that is distribution. I create content: blog posts, videoblogs, audio podcasts, webinars, speeches, books, ebooks, and learning material, and then I find ways to distribute it.

Part of the “new” media business world is to make sure you share other people’s great stuff, so one part of my job is finding and sharing good posts I’ve read. I do that via my @broganmedia Twitter account (follow it!), and through Google Reader Shared Items.

My media business extends beyond []. I write for American Express OPENForum, the Trade Show News Network, for Third Tribe, for books with Julien Smith (and solo books), and for some new projects (I have a travel site launching shortly, for instance). So a good part of my day is making media to publish in some form or another.

Connecting is Gold

I connect 50% or more of the time during my day. When I say “connect,” I mean that I comment on people’s blogs, I send @ replies on Twitter, I connect in LinkedIn and Facebook (not as much), I answer some of my emails, that kind of thing. This is obviously where things shift from “making content” into “connecting for potential business or extended relationships.”

So, two reasons you see me on Twitter often are: 1.) it lets me distribute content and 2.) it lets me connect, which is part of my business.

Media for Business’s Sake

In the old days, I made media just to make it. I wrote my blog for passion. I podcasted because it was a fun way to make relationships. I don’t have that kind of time any more, so all of my media making serves a passion and a business purpose. I’m lucky enough to work on projects I’m passionate about, and thrilled that I can turn down projects that I’m not as interested in doing.

What I’m doing right now with my media is reporting on information that’s useful to others to succeed. My 2010-2011 focus is to help people achieve escape velocity, and to point out the people who are doing great jobs of exemplifying human business. My various projects bring this all about.

What’s changed from the old days to now is that I am able to build a revenue stream into each of these opportunities. In some cases, I’m paid to write. In other cases, I have other earning opportunities. [] has affiliate marketing opportunities like my support of the Thesis WordPress Theme (affiliate link). So, if I’m working on a project right now, it’s because it helps build the business.

Wiring Networks

A good deal of my day is spent wiring networks. I do this when I invited you to wire up your network news. I do this when I invite you to follow @broganmedia. I do this when we meet at events and you get to know me and decide that you want to stay connected via LinkedIn (use email : linkedin @ chrisbrogan . com to connect).

Distribution is part of media businesses. But connecting and human networking is part of doing human business. Wiring up a network, having a network of value, keeping it well attended and fed – that’s what we’re doing, what it’s about.

At least that’s a lot of what goes into making a media business run. The other part? Good media. It’s important to have good storylines, good information, useful material that can be shared and can deliver value to the buyer/consumer of such.

Promotion and Marketing

A good deal of my day is spent promoting others. MOST of these aren’t my clients, don’t pay me, and instead fall into the category of “people with the good stuff.” I also like promoting people. Why? Because it’s good relationship-building. It points out that there are plenty more people doing neat stuff and that I certainly don’t have the lock on important information.

I market for fun, sometimes. I see products or services that deserve love and I give them that love. Other times, I do it for money. I always disclose THOSE relationships, because I wouldn’t want you pulling one over on me, so why would I do it to you?

It Sure Looks Like You Just Tweet All Day

I do. Or, as often as I can find the time. (I listen and create content the rest of the time). Because these networks don’t just create themselves. I work very hard at building them, wiring them, and making sure the value I see moves from one place to another. It’s how I bring business in, and it’s how I deliver value out.

I spend a lot of time listening, connecting, and publishing, as it’s my method for making strong business relationships happen. Does it make sense? Is it for you? I can answer yes to the first and shrug to the second. You’d have to try it. For 11 years. So far, it’s been pretty darned useful for me.

What are your thoughts?

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