The Three Designers for My Project

I wanted to share some link love with the three designers who I met via my design project at 99Designs project from a week or so ago. Overall, the process was excellent. Despite the outlying potential problems designers have with the contest model (or spec work in general), it actually turned out okay, and I met three really great designers.

Interestingly, only one of the three had their own website at the time I started the contest. I shook another one into making a temporary site, and the third still hasn’t put one up. So, here’s my best attempt at link love.

Michelle DiMuzio – The design Michelle did for me is down at the very bottom of this page (as of this writing, at least). She’s got quite a portfolio going, and was wonderful to work with.

xa0s – Yep. That’s all I have: a 99Designs profile for him/her. But, I liked the design for my project, so I awarded him/her a prize, too.

Craig Lee – Craig won the prize at my contest, and I used his logo for my new site (which launches in a few days). I liked his work, felt he had the first and best view on what I wanted and where I was going, and he turned around variations quickly.

So, should you need a designer, I can recommend the three I met through my experience with 99Designs, as they all worked admirably. But then again, I also met several hundred new designers through this process, and so maybe some day, I’ll be pointing them out, too. : )

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