The Visible Media Maker

Chris Brogan in Winter The story used to be the only thing that mattered. Somewhere along the way, storytellers came into importance. Journalists are contending with that right now. We used to care only about the news. Now we see Don Lemon and his news.

Valeria Maltoni has an interesting post about how journalists are now engaging fans. I’m lucky to have met and spent time with news people like Jennifer Cabala and Jamie Yuccas and Jim Long, who are people outside of their stories as well.

Some people are engaging. Some people are just turning in news the way they have all along. Others are learning what it means to be a storyteller with a face instead of the vessel of information.

And this isn’t just about news. This is a corporate story. This is a small business story. This is a relationships-are-good-again story. And the people who know how to storytell in this new space, and who know how to be a personality while telling these stories are poised to do interesting things. The medium has changed. The methods have changed. The opportunity has changed.

Jen and Jamie and Jim are three passionate people who aren’t just the news any longer. Don Lemon isn’t just a suit at a desk. You’re not just an employee in the machine. And there’s a chance for that to be interesting and useful.

What would you do with it?

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