The Way I Wish Advertising Worked

John Chow is a smart guy. In fact, I’m regretting to death that I didn’t bend his ear when he was in Boston at the Affiliate Summit. I just didn’t know him well, and didn’t know exactly what I would’ve wanted to ask. He spends a lot of time figuring out how to make money online, which isn’t usually my beat.

Know what got me to write about him? Crabs. Watch this video:

What came to mind after watching that video was, “Oh man, I *MUST* go to that restaurant the next time I’m visiting Washington state.” I mean, hunger pains level of desire just shot into me. If you like seafood, you must agree with me. Right?

That’s better than any ad in any paper, or any banner on John’s site.

That’s the way I wish advertising worked.

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