They Will Never Understand

People who ask what the ROI of using social media is will never understand the value (not the ROI) of things like Facebook and Twitter. I asked my gang of friends and colleagues and contacts and potential customers and clients (because in my world, they are all mixed together) a question on Facebook. Here’s what I got back:

facebook advice 1

Facebook advice 2

Facebook advice 3

Facebook advice 4

And Look at THIS from Peter:

Facebook advice 5

Peter’s advice actually goes further than I can screen capture (because I’m not smart at using Skitch enough to do so, at least).

People who ask you about ROI won’t ever see that there’s a huge value in my being able to know all this about Berlin before I show up. That is, unless you tell them about human business, and about how building relationships matters, and what you’re working on is much bigger than just straightforward sales.

Am I wrong?

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