Three Scary Books for Vacation Reading

You know me. I can’t sit still. I’ve been reading up a storm on my vacation. Here, I’ve got three scary books for you to check out. The first is Personal Effects: Dark Art, by my friend J.C. Hutchins. The reason you have to buy this book is that I believe it’s a first of its kind. The book is chock full of immersive experience elements. You can google names in the book and find sites. You can look up phone numbers, dial them, and hear messages. It’s CRAZY how deep the story goes. Try it.

The second is Max Brooks’s World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War. If this isn’t a book just screaming out for a movie, I don’t know what is. I think the “documentary” style of writing curbed some of the scary bits, but it made for quite a thought-provoking piece.

Finally, I checked a book from a friend of Don Lafferty called Patient Zero, by Jonathan Maberry. Of the three, this was the real page-turner. It’s like Bourne Identity meets *.zombie genre, and was a real “can’t put it down” type of read.

All three are a must. Here are Amazon links to them:

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