Today is Not My Birthday

King With a Crown The truth is, my birthday is a week from now. I don’t do this as an April Fools thing. I do it because I’ve chosen to tell all the databases of the Internet one fact that’s different from the real world. I do this to see where my data ends up. It’s caused a great deal of tricky confusion in the age of people being so kind to me.

At this point, it doesn’t matter which day is my birthday. My birthday is in April. I’m an Aries. I will be 39.

I’m very grateful for all your kindness. It really does matter to me, and every voice counts. As I do every day, I read every response, even when I can’t reply to everything. I sure try.

You’re the best. Me? I’m just pleasantly older.

Want to buy me something? Drop $10 in the bucket here at Mom It Forward for charities supporting women:

Is that a fair gift? Maybe we can raise $1K today for April 1.

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