Tony Robbins – Buffalo Content Maker

buffalo I had the good luck to spend a little time with Tony Robbins, who you’d think of as a motivational speaker, but who I know to be an inspirational thinker and accomplished business man. But, after doing a project with him (can’t talk about that yet), I know another secret: he’s a buffalo content maker.

All Parts of the Buffalo

Here’s how Tony sees things: “I need to know more about this online marketing world.” (Sure, we all do.) “I think I’ll contact a whole bunch of people who have been successful with online marketing.” (Still the way we’d do it.) “I think I’ll invite them to my place and record the conversation and turn it into learning for more than just me.” (There. That’s the difference.)

Tony needed the information. He knew who to call. He made media out of it so he could do something with the information more than once.

Leverage. He used “all parts of the buffalo” instead of wasting the opportunity to make good content. (This expression means that he uses everything and wastes nothing, in homage to Native American treatment of animals as sacred providers of many goods.)

Be a Buffalo Content Maker

This isn’t rocket surgery. Instead, just keep in mind what makes content. Think about this post. It’s me reacting to an observation I had while visiting with Tony. I made something that I could then share with you out of a brief interaction. And yet, there’s some value in thinking like this.

Now, take it further.

The book Social Media 101 is a collection of tidied up blog posts from []. It was a way to reuse my content.

In future projects, I’m going to make content that spans from a blog post into a longer ebook into a course, into a presentation, into a surrounding community. How do you do it? A bit at a time, but with the idea that you’re going to make something bigger from the project. Make sense?

Can you build content the same way? Can you find opportunities to create media when others might just absorb the information and move on? How are you doing this today?

Photo credit Pink Sherbet Photography

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