Trust Agents- Marketing a Book

Trust Agents Facebook Page Neither Julien nor I have ever marketed a book like this before. We’ve helped friends promote their books, and we are both avid readers, but the difference between marketing something and liking something are the differences between a marriage and staring at a picture of someone you’ve never met in person. Along the way, I want to share some of what we’ve learned, especially because Trust Agents is a very different kind of book.

The Story So Far

None of what I’ll talk about accounts for what Wiley themselves are doing (until I’m directly involved, and then I’ll share that). I know they’ve started sending advanced copies to the mainstream press and things like that. Instead, I’ll focus on what Julien and I have done.

Site: – Julien acquired the URL for a few months back, and put up a landing page. We have some ideas for things we want to do there, but haven’t executed those yet. Just the same, it does make a point of presence where you can learn more about the book, see what people are saying on the web about the book, pre-order the book, and get our free eBook, so that’s a decent point of presence for us.

Twitter: @TrustAgents – We have a Twitter account, but haven’t started using that as a channel yet, because both @julien and @chrisbrogan have a following, and it seems silly to create a secondary silo for book information.

Facebook: Trust Agents Page – We built a Trust Agents Page on Facebook. As of this writing, there are 769 fans. We are currently growing at about 100 fans a day, but that’s with some active pushing and messaging around it. The page is so far successful insofar as we’re engaging people with conversations on the wall, and we’re staying really active talking about concepts in the book, as well as talking about people’s interests. So far, the Facebook page has been fun for me, and I suspect Julien likes it as well.

Other Touchpoints – I’ve done some smaller things, like edited my email signature to include a link to the book. I’ve added a link to the book into my Facebook bio. I just realized that it’s not mentioned in my blog bio page, but I’ll add it there, too. I’ve started adding elements of Trust Agents to speeches I do, and have definitely mentioned here and there that the book’s coming out. I sent out a mention of the book and the Facebook group in my email blast (thanks, BlueSkyFactory!), as well.

What’s Working?

We have no idea, but here’s some things I know: Sales Rank: #22,104 in Books (See Bestsellers in Books)
Popular in these categories: (What’s this?)
#49 in Books > Computers & Internet > Business & Culture > Manager’s Guides to Computing
#60 in Books > Business & Investing > Management & Leadership > Systems & Planning

Also Barnes & Noble says: Sales Rank: 18,390

Is that good? Who knows? The book hasn’t even come out yet and we’re rushing up a few categories. It’s not bad

What Comes Next?

Not sure, but here are some things we’re trying to manage:

  • Get on National TV
  • Get an article into a few national magazines
  • Do many face-to-face events (I’ve started trading my speaking fee for book purchases in certain cases)
  • Find potential institutional interest
  • Recruit other trust agents to share their stories

We’ll see where it all goes. But you’re along for the ride.

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