First off, I did a run this morning where I kept my heart rate at-or-under 140 the whole time. Boy, what a different run that was. For one thing, it was nearly impossible to keep my rate low at the start. I had to do this weird pace that felt like my running shoes were tied together at the laces. But then, near the middle, I felt like I had enough energy not to have to walk every four minutes, and I felt like I could run at that pace forever. By the very end, my stride was getting longer and longer, and I had to keep looking at my HRM to see the 140 still there. Felt like more.

Have you done this kind of training? What did you find? Any other thoughts or ideas?

Next, I had my first adjustment appointment with a chiropractor. He said I was looking better already, just from his suggesting the Alexander technique. Boy, crackity crack.

Finally, a meeting with a podiatrist. He said things looked great, that I shouldn’t get orthotics, that I’m wearing the right running shoe for me (NB M716), and he hopes to see me around at the local races.

A great day. Now, debating between going swimming tonight, or running after dark. Toss up.

Oh, and I bought a running hat at EMS today for about 10 or 20 less than other brands I’d seen at other stores. Swell, eh? If I were to talk gear head to toe, it’d look like this:

Under Armour Shirt
ECG2 Heart Rate Monitor
EMS Running Shorts
Galyans socks
New Balance 716 running shoes.

What’s your gear?


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