Twitter Bashing- A Popular Sport Lately

I’ve been on Twitter since the fairly early days. Pre 2007SXSW, if that gives you a sense. And I give at least one presentation a week, plus DOZENS of conversations in various media spots about the values of Twitter and the benefits. But man, I’m really tired of things not working.

Call this the passion of someone who has grown to appreciate the business implications of what Twitter can do (and has done) for me, who sees several alternatives just sitting here revved up, waiting to take your traffic. No, not Jaiku or Pownce. Puh-leeze. Great teams, but they’re not the right play.

But FriendFeed? There’s a case there. Truly. I posted a new item in FF, and got THAT MANY (see above) comments in seconds. In the time it took me to start typing this, there are 14 19 MORE comments. So it’s alive. Truly.

I look on the twitter streams of the folks running the show and find nothing related. Nothing like, “Um, sorry we’re sucking right now, but we’re going to fix it.” And you know what? It was working better a few weeks ago when certain people were being raked over the coals on the way out the door. Tell you what. I miss Blaine.

What comes next? I’m not ready to bet on this one, because Twitter has somehow kept us all here, even when all these other apps were coming out. They all have some subset of better features, but we’re all on Twitter.

But I dunno, team. FriendFeed, if you can learn to work with the noise, I think this might end up picking up some serious “market share” in the social platforms.

Attention Newcomers to Social Platforms

Tread gently on ditching Twitter for FriendFeed. Read about 100 Louis Gray posts before attempting anything of that nature. Truly. It’s not the same vibe, and doesn’t have the same return on efforts as Twitter (not the same, I’m saying).

And me? I’m still on Twitter. But getting a bit feisty.


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