Two Books on Customer Service – Video Book Review

I have two books on customer service for you to check out: Customer Service: New Rules for a Social Media World(amazon affiliate links all around) by Peter Shankman, and The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide: How to Connect with your Customers to Sell More! by Marsha Collier. Both are friends, so discount me by that.

Both books push for passion. Both books reference some small business and some large business examples for doing customer service in the new world. Both are heavy on evangelizing the new tools and why they matter. As a former customer service person, I think that Marsha Collier’s book does a little bit more to tie these ideas back to a mainstream customer service practice, but I think that both books are very much worth picking up to get a better take. Watch my video review, if you’d like:

Can’t see the video? click here.

And if you like the idea of these books, pick them up here:

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