Understanding Value

Inside the Grand Bazaar My friend, Anthony is one of the best salesmen I’ve ever met. Whenever I ask him the key to selling, he says the same thing every time without hesitation: “Sales is about creating value.”

Understanding Value

My universe has shifted into amazing alignment lately. Ever since ferreting out what I REALLY know how to help people do better, and how that will add value to their lives, I’ve been on fire. And even then, I started like I usually do: with a bad first attempt. But now, my Owner’s Path course is going to really be my best ability to add value back to your life.

But what does that mean?

Value comes from helping/serving others in a way that improves their world. When I promote my fitness challenge, I’m not just pushing shakes on people. I’m helping rework their meal plans, rework their fitness efforts, and building in the mental stuff that everyone skips along the path. Selling something isn’t adding value. SOLVING something is.

Solve Your Buyer’s Challenges

I’m listening to Jacq on a phone call with someone who purchased The Owner’s Path. This person has a LOT of food challenges. She wants to get her health in order, because it’s getting in the way of getting her business in order. That’s what she needs. She could care less if I teach her how to make her business succeed, because right now, LIFE isn’t really where it should be. So that’s what to solve.

You’re in business to make money. Yes. That’s very very true. But you make money by solving challenges. You make money by making your buyer the hero. You make money by adding VALUE to that buyer’s experience.

Think About This When YOU Buy

I recently attended an advanced communications course led by Tamsen Webster and her colleagues at Oratium. The course cost well over a thousand dollars for a 1.5 day seminar. Now think of what you just did in your head. “Really? That’s a lot of money.”

That course has changed EVERYTHING about how I communicate and will make ALL my communications in the future on stage, in books, in this blog, Everything.

If I were to PRICE the VALUE(!!!!) of this course, it’s probably $100,000 to $500,000. You could say that I just ROBBED Oratium, because I’m going to translate that course into half a million or more in revenue.

That’s the story. That’s the goal. That’s what I want you to leave today with.

I want you to think: how am I adding value, and I want you to think what do I do when I consider the price versus value of something?

How will I add value to your life? Through The Owner’s Path. See you there.

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