Upcoming Trips and Events

suitcase man I’m not one to use my blog as a billboard for announcements, but given all that’s coming up, I felt that it was the only way to be sure you had a sense of where I’m going and where we might be able to meet to do business. One of the ironies of being in the Internet marketing profession is that I fly all over the world telling people how you don’t have to fly all over the world to build relationships. I’m happy, because it means I get to meet more wonderful people, and as I tell my business partners, my clients aren’t hiding out in my office. So, here’s a partial list of upcoming events as I know of them today:

Upcoming Trips and Events

  • Monday, March 9th, 2PM ET Webinar with Awareness Networks – on Corporate Trends in Social Media Marketing.
  • Wednesday, March 11th, 9AM CT PubCon South, Austin, TX – keynote interview with Guy Kawasaki.
  • Thursday, March 12th, Not sure which time, PubCon South, Austin, TX – panel with Reem Abeidoh, Lee Odden, and I forget the rest but they’re also cool.
  • Thursday, March 12th, Inbound Marketing BootCamp, Austin, TX, all day. This is actually my event, and it’s a keyboard level training session. Use code “camper” to get in for $99.
  • Friday, March 13th – Tuesday, March 17th, SXSW Interactive, Austin, TX . I’ll be at this event for a full week, with lots of different things on the go. If you want the best chance of finding me, I’ll be most often in one of two places: The Pepsico Podcast Playground with BlogTalkRadio (Pepsico is a client), and I’ll be at the TechSet Blogger Lounge.
  • March 26th – March 29th, So Cal Action Sports Network, Irvine, CA. – Speaking to a dynamic group of brilliant marketers.
  • April 10th – Module 09, Detroit, MI. – keynote.
  • April 15th – 16th (with lots of days of flying) – Marketing Now, Wellington, NZ. Both David Meerman Scott and I are going to present.
  • April 27 – 29 – Inbound Marketing Summit – San Francisco, CA. This is our conference. Use code “insider” to take $200 off the ticket price. This will be a big event. LOTS of great speakers.
  • May 1 – 3 – SOBCon 09 – Chicago, IL. This event is one of my 3 favorites every year. It’s definitely not one to miss.
  • May 11-13 – Community 2.0 – San Francisco, CA.


Missing from this list are some of my client visits, and some new stuff that I just talked about with people in Seattle. Also missing are some of the other events where I’m on the fence about whether I can make it. But that’s still a pretty decent list.

Why I’m Sharing That

My goals at every event I attend go something like this:

  • Be helpful.
  • Meet new friends.
  • Reconnect with existing friends.
  • Find potential clients.

If You’re At an Event With Me

Okay, so sometimes, when I’m at these events, we get all into clumps of people, where it might be a little intimidating at times. I have some advice for times like that:

And maybe this video will help, too:

The point is, I’ll be all over the place. If I’m anywhere near you, then get in touch. I’d love to meet you. It might take a little bit, and I might not be able to get dinner with you, but I can certainly say hi, learn a bit more about you, and establish a relationship in person.

Any questions? Any thoughts? What else can I tell you?

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