Version 3.0

Welcome back!

I’ve changed the technology used to create []. In the old days, I used a Windows program called Trellix. It was an easy-to-use WYSIWYG software that made web design easy. I really enjoyed it, and used to get all kinds of compliments on the page. Mind you, it also took lots of effort, time for which I don’t exactly have these days.

Version 2.0 was the new version of Trellix, called CuteSiteBuilder (stupid name), and that was pretty much the same program with a different name. This also was a Windows program, and also took a lot of time to maintain.

So now, for ease of use, I’m using blogger as my editor of choice. I like it because I can use it from pretty much any computer, so I can edit my website from any location with web access, as opposed to a single Microsoft product. Okay, I give up some form and function, but I’m okay with that. I’m not *too* picky.

The CONTENT of my website has changed a great deal over the years. I used to publish my stories on the web, and that was a lot of fun. I might still put up a story or two in the months to come. The problem there is that when I do that, the story is considered “published,” and thus isn’t exactly viable for submission elsewhere. That said, I’ll gladly fire off a few stories for you folks, when the mood strikes.

I used to put art up on the web, too. I’ll do that again, provided it’s fairly easy to figure that out for this new template.

For a while, I wrote about my self improvement efforts. I’ll still do that. I’m still going strong on my fitness and nutrition program, and still learning lots about myself.

So, there will be a whole lot of things to check out here. More than ever before. And with this ease of use, I’ll try to keep the site much more current than I have been in recent months. Look for it. And thanks for sticking with me.

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