What I Intend to Tell Marketers on the VOCUS Webinar

Freaks Manifesto I’m doing a free webinar for VOCUS in a few days, and I want you to come and take a listen. Essentially, I’ll be talking about how this whole business about Freaks relates to your marketing opportunities and experiences. The story will be largely based on what you’ve already read in my book. But I thought I’d share a bit of it here, too. Okay by you?

Marketing for Freaks

The primary point I’ll make during the webinar is that what’s out is the concept of trying to market to as many people as possible. What’s in, instead, is working to ensure that the people you most want to attract feel heard, understood, and cared about through your efforts. What does it take to make this shift? It’s a little bit more work, I’ll admit. But it’s also much more rewarding.

Secondarily, I’m going to tell you that the age of “big data” may be here for some businesses, but it’s the time for warm data. All that talk of “tagging” and “folksonomy” that was huge in Web 2.0 speak back in 2004 or so that got drowned out by the hoary wave of “social media” talk is back and much more important than every. What you know about your buyers (what they’ve given you to know about them) is important. That you know Scott’s significant other is Samantha is important. Warm data is all about understanding and thus, selling in a better way.

Finally, we need a deep commitment to clarity and integrity, meaning, we have to live our brands inside and out. There are brands that make our hearts flutter warmly. And there are oh so many “me too” brands that make us fall asleep. To me, branding is the beautiful after-product of living your commitments with clarity and integrity. We’ll get into that, as well.

Is This About Marketing?

Oh, yes! All about marketing. But not your professor’s marketing. Why not check it out for yourself?

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