Want to Write a Book?

Write Your Book Already Brilliant ally Hugh McGuire and I sat down recently on my podcast to talk about his company, Pressbooks. It’s basically WordPress with all kinds of powerful book-making goodness developed into it, so if you’ve ever written a blog post, you know roughly how to use most of the features already. Brilliant, right?

I want to give you that interview here, too, so you can listen to it. This came from my radio show, and I’d LOVE for you to subscribe via iTunes or via Stitcher radio (my favorite). But for now? Let’s listen to Hugh:

Those Are The Tools. You Need The Support

I’ve already got 30 really dedicated students in my course, Write Your Book, Already! It’s a course to get you through the entire process of writing, producing, and publishing a book (either mainstream or self-published), as well as instructions and ideas on how to market the book. More so, there’s a group of accountability buddies built into the program so you can have someone to check in and make sure that you’re doing the work that needs doing.

If you’ve tried and stopped many times, if you’ve had a book idea in your forever but don’t have the steps to get things going, I strongly urge you to consider checking out Write Your Book, Already! Not sure it’s for you? Drop me a line: chris (at) hbway (dot) com and I’ll answer questions.

Write Your Book Already

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