Warm Bread Is Not Toast

Warm Bread is Not Toast

I didn’t have a blog post ready for today, so I’m glad that my hotel room service served me one up. I’d ordered poached eggs, grapefruit juice, decaf coffee, and some wheat toast. What arrived was poached eggs, grapefruit juice, decaf coffee, and some warm wheat bread.

Warm bread is not toast.

Warm Bread Is Not Toast

There’s something to think about in this for business. Quite often, we accidentally fall into the “good enough” and “close enough” categories of serving our customers and clients. I have recently bought a few information marketing products where they were telling me something as if it were valuable, and really, they were telling me really basic and common stuff that they’d already published on their website, just slightly warmed over. Sending me warm bread when I’ve ordered toast isn’t going to keep me as a fan.

Toast is making sure there’s a “satisfying crunch” to your products and services. Toast is giving me something to lift up the rest of my business breakfast and enjoy as a mix. Toast is making sure that I don’t even NOTICE that it’s toast, except for that one moment where I shake my head and say “mmmmm” loudly while going on with whatever else I’m doing. (Toast is never intrusive, I mean to say.)

Just To Be Clear

I don’t really care that the room service delivered me warm bread. It’s just a great way to illustrate a point. Don’t get lost on the analogy. Focus on what it means to your business to serve up toast instead of warm bread. The toast? It was just a great blog topic to start me writing.

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