Waste of a Perfectly Good Airplane

skydiving This all started innocently enough. I shot a funny video making fun of Peter Shankman. He, in turn, called me out, challenging me to go skydiving with him before the end of August. There’s $1000 in charity money on the line here: he pays if I go, and I pay if he goes. See. People call me out using charity all the time. It’s my heel.

I’m not especially afraid of heights, but I fly every few days. I have vivid visions of planes coming apart. The scene in Fight Club is probably the closest to what I think about every time I’m on a plane. I’m more afraid of sharks and ticks, to be honest. But I once fell off a phone pole in January while still working for the phone company (well, bounced down the pole from 22 feet up, getting paint-stirrer sized splinters in my thighs on the way down). That kinda made me a little more “aware” of heights.

So why jump?

Because I’m afraid. Afraid enough.

I’m afraid of lots of minor things in life: confrontation, my own faults, not working hard enough, things like that. You know what tackling a big fear is going to do to those small fears?

And frankly, I’m still way too heavy. I’ve had a small victory with my weight (20 pounds gone), but I’m stuck not doing enough to move the needle further. Losing enough weight to meet the weight requirements for jumping (whatever those are) is a good motivator. It’s an audacious goal.

Why jump? Because I am not on the sidelines in this life. One of my 2 most favorite books of 2010 is A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, by Donald Miller. It’s about the importance of living your life as if you’re the main character in an important story.

Oh, and because Kat said I could.

This post isn’t about jumping out of a plane. It’s about tackling whatever seems impossible. It turns out that the most successful people in life make this a habit. As I’d love to be successful, I’m on it.


Oh, and here’s how I teased Peter (shot by Becky Johns):

Photo credit The U.S. Army

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