Watching Mitch Joel Blog

Mitch Joel

I’m a Mitch Joel fan. I’ve also been lucky to have dinner and then breakfast with him over these few days. I’m now watching him blog. It’s fascinating. Mitch is such a smarter writer than me, such a better, more thoughtful blogger. You know, Mitch has a huge past in music journalism. He was a BIG TIME journalist back in the day. And maybe that’s what I’m seeing.

When I watch Mitch blog, what I see is someone who can synthesize other materials around his core idea. Right now, he’s writing about ideas. In a way, I’m scooping him with this blog post because I’ll publish mine much faster than Mitch will publish his.

Why? Because I’m not citing other articles. I’m not researching. I’m observing and pointing something out.

Be Mitch Joel

You should be exactly like Mitch. Yes. Research and find the exact right sentence for what you intend to say. Write with some meat. Put out a post that will really be resilent.

Be Chris Brogan

You should be exactly like me. Yes. Write down an observation. Think about how this might be useful to someone else. Write with a little meat and a lot of “relativity fiber.” Put out a post that will be retweeted whether or not it’s any good.

Be You

Obviously, the answer is that you should be you. You’re the best you ever. I’d write just like you, if I were you.

But truth be told, I believe that Mitch’s blog offers consistent value. Read it here.

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