Welcome New People?

Best it GetsAccording to FeedBurner, I gained over 100 new readers in the last day. Is that true? Are you new? If so, welcome!

Let’s just quickly tell you what you get here:

According to people who’ve stuck with me a while, they say they come here because I write in a style that’s engaging, have off-kilter ideas that get them thinking, and generally give them something interesting to read. Cool by me. I’m really happy to be providing something of value to you.

I write about self-improvement and creativity. This sometimes spills into talking about business ideas that you can take and do something with. It sometimes spills into my interests in podcasting, videocasting (or vlogging or whatever). Other times, it’s a pointer to some other project I’m working on.

Whatever the case, there’s stuff to mine here. I don’t have any kind of “best of” figured out yet, but if you browse the archives, you’ll find some stuff.

A few posts to check out:

Presentation and the Storyteller’s Promise

Present without being there

Map your time

Time Quilters

Improve as a Business Tool

Just Show Up

And god knows what else. Do any of you old-timers have favorite posts of mine that resonated for some reason or another? Feel free to chime in using the comments section.

Welcome you new people, but just know this: You’ve got to do a real lot to keep up with this crowd, because the readers here are really involved. They send lots of comments and emails. They call me to task when I’m talking smack. They do all kinds of cool things.

You’re not MySpace people, are you?

Well whatever. Come on in, get a super big coffee, and get moving through all this stuff, kids!


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