Welcoming Justin Levy to the Pirate Ship

Justin Levy I’m very pleased to announce that Justin Levy has agreed to come aboard New Marketing Labs as General Manager. You might already know Justin from Twitter, or you might be lucky enough to learn how to cook better on his Prime Cuts blog. But in 2009, Justin becomes my right hand man in delivering business for New Marketing Labs.

As General Manager, Justin is responsible for the operations and execution of our New Marketing Labs agency work (the social media agency stuff we’re doing with great folks – I’ll be formally announcing some new clients shortly). He’s also my right hand on running our New Marketing Summit events, our New Marketing Bootcamps, and he’ll be doing lots of social media execution in his own right, too.

This is one of several announcements I’ll have in the near future about New Marketing Labs. (We’re rebuilding a website right now, and then I’ll point you there for more details.) In the interim, if you want to know more about NML, there’s a bit on my contact page, and you can always ask me.

Welcome aboard, Justin. I’m looking forward to 2009 with you.

Photo credit, Justin Levy, used without permission. One might say… pirated.

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