What are Some Social Media Marketing Best Practices

Mitch Joel over at Six Pixels of Separation is asking for best practices for social media marketing. I’m going to turn it around and ask YOU to answer Mitch. If you’re doing interesting social media stuff, specifically that you have some best practices for social media marketing, I think you should do the following:

  1. Blog it.
  2. Link to Mitch’s blog
  3. Tag it “social media marketing best practices”
  4. And then tag someone else with the meme.

A best practice from me:

Learn how to listen. Simple, I know. But it’s a best practice. Here are five tools I use for listening, and here’s my take on listening to Twitter.

So, go write a blog post for Mitch, and tag a few friends.

Here’s who I’m going to tag:
Jeremiah Owyang (who’s in my town partying while I’m writing this), Sean Bohan (who brought me back my suitcase), Micah Baldwin (who it was fun to see at Gnomedex), Liz Strauss (who is fun to see everywhere), and Paisano (who fills my inbox with free research).

Have at, and don’t forget to link to Mitch, and then tag other folks. (And if I didn’t tag you, feel free to write your own post and tag others.)

These posts are made for sharing. Feel free to repost all or portions of this (as long as it’s not for profit). If you do post it, please make sure you kindly link back to [chrisbrogan.com] and give me credit. Thanks!

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