What Has Your Attention

It dawned on me that the things on our screen are rarely the things that make us money. I shot a quick video about it, to talk about productivity, time management, and what might be holding us back. If you can’t see a video below, click here.

Get Your Own Attention

Get out a piece of paper, some post-it notes, some whatever. Write down the #1 thing you should be doing for your business. Write also the #2 and #3 things. Then, maybe one or two personal things. Make those 5 things the CENTRAL TARGET of your eyeballs as often as possible. Use more than one poster if that helps.

Make the thing REALLY obvious and useful.

“Write 1000 more words.”
“Get up for a 20 minute walk.”
“Make 10 calls.”
“Find 20 new leads.”

Whatever it is. Write it down. Get your attention back. The time is now.

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