What PostRank Helps Me Do


I use the PostRank WordPress Plugin to tell me which of my posts really took off beyond my site and into social sharing, and which stayed relatively flat. Most recently, the plugin showed me that my post, Storytelling for Business, really traveled far. Specifically, I found it interesting that 23 people bookmarked it in Delicious and 19 sent trackbacks to it, so it was at once a post that people wanted to store to remember later, but also a post that compelled people to write their own ideas and refer back to my post.

See for yourself what the plugin looks like on the back end:

stats from PostRank

This tells me that maybe I should write some more about storytelling. I already have a plan to do a teleseminar on 501 Mission Place about storytelling for nonprofits, but I might do something different for [chrisbrogan.com], as well.

The Cool Part

When you mouseover the number to the right, you see how many comments the post received, whether it was shared on Digg, on Twitter, bookmarked on Delicious, etc. Immediately, you get a much better sense of what your readers are doing with your posts, and this, in turn, gives you a sense of how to measure some of the social impact of your post. If more people bookmarked it, but there weren’t many comments, they thought of it as a resource. If many people sent trackbacks, they saw something they wanted to expound upon on their own blogs. If there’s no engagement all the way around, then, perhaps you’ve made a clunker. Lord knows I do, sometimes.

This isn’t a paid endorsement or anything. I just like the tool, and thought you’d want to check it out.

PostRank for WordPress

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