What’s In a Name?

what's in a name Last week, people questioned my journalistic integrity. I’m not a journalist. I am a reporter, insofar as I report. Often times, I’m called a consultant, but I prefer advisor. I sometimes win awards for marketing, but I grapple with saying that I’m a marketer. Through my efforts, I perform roles sometimes given to PR professionals, and other times I do what marketers and sales people do.

I’m president of my company, but I’m also a salesman. I’m president of my company, but I run a pirate ship. I’m a publisher, a writer, a blogger, an author, a videoblogger, a podcaster, a conference organizer, a community developer, a leader, a servant, a participant, a speaker, and many other things.

You worry about names. You think long and hard about titles. You put boxes around what you’re doing, if that suits you.

I’ll be over here just doing. Thinking, planning, doing, and observing my results.

What’s your name? How are you defining yourself? Better still (or worse), how does the name for what you do limit what you do?

Photo credit Jack Dorsey

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