When Will the Volume Game Turn Down?

airport ads Note: This is a bit self-serving, as I run a series of conferences, and as I’m pitching social media marketing as my business.

I’m reading this article in Advertising Age about marketing opportunities in the JetBlue Terminal 5 at JFK, and I have mixed emotions. On the one hand, as a frequent flyer, I like that I can recharge my phone and laptop courtesy of Samsung. I think the Best Buy and Apple branding on those vending machines for electronics is brilliant. I love when someone sponsors wifi in a terminal. I get that.

But as a return on investment, how’s that working out for you? (Please – if you’re still buying static media like that, can you chime in? I’m not being ass, exactly.) Are you getting “I saw your billboard at Logan” types of responses? How CAN it?

I get that it’s a lot of eyeballs going through there, but does it convert?

Please: someone educate me

Wouldn’t Human Contact Do Better?

I ask this as someone who spends every day connecting with people online, offline, and in between. I say this as someone who believes the future of business is in engineering cafe-shaped conversations. I say this as someone who appreciates the personal touch on the other side of my marketing experiences as a consumer.

How much does one of those opportunities cost? It can’t be cheap to put up a billboard in an airport, right? That same amount would fund a social media project for an entire year, and you’d have clickable metrics for the effort. Wouldn’t that be a better return?

See how this post is more about questions? I want your feedback. Share this with your marketer friends, too. I’d love to know what the mindset is.

Is this just about volume? Millions of people walk through here kind of stuff? Does that still matter? Seriously, I’m asking.

Educate my dumb old self, okay?
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