Where Would You Start?


It’s a simple question, but not an easy one. If you had a friend or business connection come to you and say that they wanted to improve their online experience, where would you start?

If you were me, you’d start by understanding the goals that brought about the request. For instance, do they want more sales, more customer awareness, more presence, more connectivity, more lead generation? That’s what I’d do after hearing that question.

That’s one reason we built The Pulse Network. You see an Internet TV station when you look at it. We see a lead generation and nurturing platform.

That’s why we built Home Base Maker. If you’re getting that question about how to improve one’s online presence, I wanted to provide one piece of the puzzle so that you could focus on the rest.

That’s why Joe Sorge and I work so hard at Kitchen Table Companies. We are answering any questions about business, including things to do with how to improve online presence.

Most of the people at Third Tribe Marketing already have started. They’re asking another question.

So, my question to you: when faced with that experience, where do you start?

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