Where’s the Party

youtube collaborations I’m a bit obsessed with Kanye West’s new album, and especially with the song “Monster,” and especially with the verse by Nicki Minaj about 3.5 minutes into the song. (You can go find it. The language isn’t safe for work.) Evidently, I’m not the only one. If the picture didn’t come through with your mail, click here to see the page and see just a tiny sampling of all the various people who have recorded lipsyncs and otherwise to Nicki’s verse. Not the whole song, mind you: the same verse that I thought was so impressive.

There are dozens, maybe a hundred so far. None of them really blows you away, unless, like me, you start thinking about how collaboration and participation have really changed things. At least from the “feelings” side of the camp, this is neat stuff. This is a whole different level to the mixtape universe, where you need a DJ’s level of skills. In the YouTube lip-sync world, you don’t really need much of anything except the guts to post your effort.

Does This Sell More Albums?

I don’t know, but it sure as heck shows a lot of loyalty and appreciation to Nicki and the work of the artists. Does that sell more merchandise and does that promise some potential downstream value? Hell, yes.

Where’s the Party?

You need a campfire. You need that social setting that consists of: object of focus, group experience of that object, and then creative expression thereafter. In literal terms, the party is around a campfire. In more stretched out thinking, the party is around the creative content. It’s content, community, marketplace said another way.

Oh, by the way, I’m not the only one totally into that song. Hackers leaked Kanye’s video yesterday.

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