While the Iron is Hot

blacksmith In many lines of business, stopping for a while makes an obvious result. If you stop hammering the hot steel at the forge, you lose the chance to shape it into the product you need. If you stop cutting down trees for firewood, you stop heating your house. But in pursuits attached to keyboards, it’s often difficult to visualize the impact of slowing down, of stopping.

Around me, I’m watching bloggers take breaks. I’m watching them explore other technologies. I’m watching them cut back on what got them to their level of notoriety in the space. It’s the end of the year. People are slowing down to turn their thoughts to family and to their own development, and to what worked and what didn’t in 2009.

Not me.

In December, New Marketing Labs closed 10 new accounts. I’m at the airport to visit a client today (a few days before Christmas). I’m working on my new business, working on how I can improve my clients’ efforts, working on a lot of things that I think matter because the iron is indeed still hot.

You Don’t Have to Do It This Way

There are lots of ways to the finish line. But you have to make a choice. You have to say, “I think going at the pace I’m at now is exactly what I’m willing to do,” and then accept the results that brings you. That’s a choice you’ve made.

The choice I’ve made is to strike while the iron is hot. I’m working now because we’re seeing results. I’m working now because I’m at the top of my game, and so I have a lot to share with companies who want to use social media tools as part of their business communications and marketing efforts. I’m working now so that I can choose my own jobs in years to come.

Those were my choices. Again, you can choose to work the way you want.

If You’re Looking to Strike Now

If it’s your idea to strike while the iron is hot:

  • Talk about the business benefits you can achieve with the tools. Stop talking about the tools.
  • Teach about the systems and educate your clients. Stop talking about talking.
  • Share everything. Stop holding on to your “big ideas” and make them into collaboration businesses.

We choose our success in life. We choose every step. My family and I have chosen the course I’m on, and I’m pretty happy with it. How about you? What have you chosen?

Photo credit Petteri Sulonen

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