Why I Have to Stop The Three Book Diet for Myself

In November, I proposed that we all go on a 3 book diet for a year. I have to stop. Books are food

The concept I had was sensible: read only 3 books for a year and commit to a deep level of discipleship within that practice. Similar to how one reads the Quran or the Torah or the Bible, etc, I thought it would be interesting to really study deeply within three books over 12 months.

But what I asked was for people to read only those three books for a year. I’m not going to be able to do that. The reason is this: I’m studying some new material so that I can better improve my business. If I were to wait an entire year to take on this new learning, I will likely not serve my community as deeply as I wish. I simply need more than 3 books worth of reading to accomplish my learning and business goals over this coming year.

I think the premise still works for many people, and I think the idea behind the idea was solid: that we rush too quickly from book to book without trying to implement what we read. Further, I will continue to read deeply the books I chose for the three book diet.

Your decision is yours. If you continue on, I can’t wait to see what you learn from the experience. If you decide it won’t work for you, I understand that because it’s not going to work for me, either.

Wishing you great success in 2013, no matter what you choose to practice. : )

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