Why Rackspace Cloud is My Host

rackspace logo Just the other day, my website went down. The moment I noticed it, I tweeted to Rackspace, (affiliate link) my host. (Yes, I pinged Twitter before looking anywhere else). I said, “Dear @rackspace – my site is down. Please help.” Guess how long it took for them to respond?

Four minutes.

Maybe I was lucky. Maybe it’s because I’m “Chris Brogan” and blah-di-blah. But I don’t think so. I think Rackspace knew that Twitter is just as viable a place as any other to field customer complaints.

I am full on thrilled. They dropped me an email another 10 minutes later. In the email, they said, “We tried to call you, but got a recording saying the number wasn’t in service.” (I changed my number recently.)

Three different types of outreach in the first 10 minutes.

Oh, and the site came up pretty darned fast.

I’m fully sold on who I’d choose if I needed mission-critical support for a heavy traffic site. I’d use Rackspace cloud.

No, this isn’t a sponsored post. Rackspace does host me gratis, but I am FULLY supportive of them now that they just saved my bacon. 10 minutes? Seriously? This is who I’ll recommend to my clients.

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