Why SOBCon Should Be on Your Calendar

liz strauss and queenofspain Liz Strauss is passionate about the 2008 version of SOBCon, taglined, “Biz School for Bloggers.” What makes this concept really important is simply this: we’re at a time in our universe where we don’t NEED a lot of the old infrastructure to do something meaningful and making a reasonable living, but we DO need business knowledge, business sense, and a reasonably worked out plan of what needs doing and which steps to take to get there.

All kinds of crazy hooligans are going to pile on their business perspective and give you a sense of how you can advance your efforts into something that might become a sustainable business. Hooligans include:

Anita Bruzzese from Gannett USA Today, on online reputation management, Brian Clark, Copyblogger, on online business models that work, Lorelle VanFossen of Lorelle on WordPress, one focusing your business to get noticed, Chris Garrett, on managing the editorial, Muhammad Saleem, on what makes an appropriate social networking portfolio, Chris Brogan, on social media choices that produce, Dave Bullock, a sales model that converts, Liz Strauss, how to build an irresistible offer and Wendy Piersall on success management.

By the way, if you register before April 1, it costs less, but honestly, either price is within the realm of reasonable if you consider this a business consulting opportunity with tons of minds that understand the old school and the new school.

So, if you’re interested, register and get your future put in order.

Photo credit, Brian Solis

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