Wire Up Your Customer Base

My Comic Shop on Twitter My friend Mick Galuski is sneaky. Every Wednesday, he sends a direct message of a TwitPic of MY weekly comics. Not some weekly comics. MY weekly comics. He knows that I’ll want them. He knows that I’ll get to them soon as I can. And lately, he knows that I’ll send Kat when I’m out of the country in England and in Colombia to come and get them. I wasn’t that passionate about comics again until Mick MADE me more passionate, by keeping them top of mind for me every Wednesday.

He has a @toysoldiergames Twitter account that he’s working on using for other promotions and to educate his customer base. I think it will do super well.

This isn’t rocket surgery kids (as my Boston friends say). This is marketing. It’s deadly sniper-level good marketing, because Mick makes it about MY comics, and about Ray’s Warhammer 40K miniatures, and about other people’s specific stuff.

And Mick runs a small store with just a few employees. If he can find the time to sell this way, you have to really think about it.

Think he sells more than people who don’t do this? I’m guessing yes. You?

Mick Galuski

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