With Just a Little Planning

Our Vacation Place You’re reading this on July 12th, but I wrote it back on July 4th, at a quiet moment during our family vacation (right before breakfast). In fact, I’ve had my posts ready about 9 days in advance for quite a while. Sometimes, I write something that’s timely or I change the order of things, but I have plenty of posts ready to go. It wasn’t that hard.

For every post I wrote two weeks before I went on vacation, I wrote two. Both were good and useful. Nothing was a junk post. Nothing was filler. I just did two instead of one.

What does it do? It affords me the chance to enjoy my vacation without worrying about blogging. It allows me to have time to think of really important posts, because I know that I’m not racing to beat the day’s clock. It allows me to keep up my relationship with you.

With just a little planning, that’s what I can do with this blog.

How about you? What could you accomplish with just a little bit of planning and forethought?

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