Here’s a short list of words I never thought I’d use in my daily life, but have used today:

  • Form Factor
  • Holistic
  • Usability
  • Interface
  • Synergy

    Here they are in sentences:

    “That Intel solution is nice, because the form factor is so self-contained.”

    “I didn’t understand our role until I took a more holistic look.”

    “We’ll report basic usability flaws, in support of a better customer experience.”

    “We’ll manage the interfaces between departments.” (No, not the dreaded VERB format.)

    “It’s the synergy of our ideas that gets this kind of thing done.”

    But, lest you suspect I’m slipping or something, I also used the following phrases today, as well:

  • Monkey farts.
  • Zippity F*cken Doo Dah! — Debbie Millin.
  • Guy Walks Into A Bar format. (regarding use case writing).
  • “I’m riding a furry tractor.” (from Anchorman).
  • “Is there air? You don’t know!” (from Galaxy Quest).

    Perhaps there’s still hope.


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