Yellow Highlighter: Cranky Product Manager

I am enamored with this new (to me) site, The Cranky Product Manager. First, I love the title. Second, I love the premise. Third, I love that I’m getting what looks to be an inside look into her world. Fourth, she gave me a good idea over at (I ordered my purse). Fifth, I mean c’mon… what great website design!

Not since Fake Movie Critic (sigh- I miss her) have I had such a fun time reading someone’s impression of the world.

My new faux-best-friend, Dave Murphy, “opener of doors,” as I call him around the old hovel, is bound to love CPM for being a perfect amateur’s eyeball into the event. (By the way, Dave: read this. It’s what inspired me to do more than half of what I do:

There’s a name for people who work for the love of it: amateurs. The word now has such bad connotations that we forget its etymology, though it’s staring us in the face. “Amateur” was originally rather a complimentary word. But the thing to be in the twentieth century was professional, which amateurs, by definition, are not.

— Paul Graham.

So, go check out the Cranky Product Manager. Now!


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