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Matthew Cornell writes a blog about his experiences with David Allen’s Getting Things Done. He is working towards becoming a personal productivity specialist, and really doing a lot of personal work in the line of “walk the talk.” I have talked with Matthew a bunch of times on the phone, and I can tell that he’s really on the verge of something with his efforts.

Today’s post that got me thinking was What Does It Take to Work With Flourish?” It’s a great piece about the notion that if you’re all settled into your work by way of a well-implemented Getting Things Done effort, you’ll have time to add a little more “pizzazz” to your efforts.

My add-on thoughts are that I’ve frequently experienced great customer service where someone was giving a “performance” above and beyond what was directly expected of them in their role. In all cases, I’d say that performance was the right word. It felt more like theatrical customer service. To me, this gave me a better “experience” with the event, instead of just a going-through-the-motions time.

I believe that experience is the new frontier in service and personal interaction. Why else would you spend $3.00 for a coffee at Starbucks when you can get similar taste and quality at most gas station quick marts? It’s because the marts don’t have cushy leather chairs and jazz and all kinds of people sprawled out using their laptops to write the next great unread novel.

Experiences created by great performances makes a world of difference. Do you agree?


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